Networked Executives and Technologist Bringing Your Product to Market

We follow a three pronged approach in ensuring our partners and end customers success


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Verticalized Solutions

A key part of our success in the market and value we bring to our customer base is taking great technology and tying it together into a specific vertical specific problem statement solutions.  Let our Solution Development team enable your solutions for new markets.

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GTM Execution

We are not a consulting company.  We are Go to Market Partner.  When we find technology we believe in that will solve business problems, we will both bring it directly into our customer and partner base as well as help grow your organization to bring it to yoru targeted markets.

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Delivery Excellence

We pride ourselves on being a customer business objective driven organization.  This means that simply selling a solution and hoping for success of our customers is not an option.  Whether delivering a verticalized problem statement solution or acting on behalf of our partners as augmented delivery arm, we believe that Doing what you say you will do when you said you would do it and doing with it pride is the only acceptable approach.


MAY 21, 2018

SalesCogs’ Growth Engine approach was a game changer for my company.   We knew we had great technology, but now we have been enabled to be bring it to market in a problem solving program with a jump start on a customer base that would have taken us 3+ years to grow on our own.

Amely Fernando


Our Growth Engine Cogs

Every company has different needs to get them to the next stage of their evolution.  We work with our partner companies to look at the current stage and future goal holistically and pull whats need from our Growth Engine Cogs to move them forward.

Audit & Assurance

Then the things you’ve always been doing are no longer working

Strategic Planning

Your company will be able to take more risks once it has invested

Investment Planning

Bonds and commodities are much more stable than stocks sound bonds

Products Consulting

You can transform your business to a revenue-producing asset coaching programs

Real Estate

However the payout is a bit lower in itself. We allow our clients to invest in the

Save Money

Your company will be able to take more risks once it has invested

We don't win unless You Win!

Great technology tied into great solution delivering significant value for our customer results results in hyper-growth bringing you to the next level.