Our Team

We are an organization of some of the top executive technologists in their industry with the right relationship and passion to bring great technology to the market for end customer success.

Chance Mannina

CEO, President and Founder

Chance is a senior executive who led a start-up to become one of the fastest growing software companies in the Northeast and the dominant player globally for its space. He accomplished this through a history of creating and developing hyper-growth sales organizations, acquisition turn-around execution, and new product and business model introduction.

As Founder, CEO and President of SalesCogs, Chance initiated SalesCogs as a response to both amazing technologies looking to get their solutions to the market as well as large enterprises consistently getting in their own way to take advantage of such great technology.  His vision was that of marrying these great technologies into a set of vertical specific solution solving some of the biggest challenges large enterprises face today.  Thus, SalesCogs was born.




Joseph Cicchetto Sr.

Chief Financial Officer and Higher Education Executive

Oil and Gas Guy

CRO, Founder

Oil and Gas exec is multi interdisciplinary executive who started his career as the top graduate in the most challenging engineering discipline.  After working in senior management positions helping some of the largest oil and gas companies operate at their peak and as well starting and successfully exiting multiple of his own entities, he branched out into finance and taxation earning multiple rare certifications giving him a unique insight into business operations and creative ways to improve them.

As Founder and CRO of SalesCogs, Oil and Gas exec drives his team with the with the simple mantra of;  “How can we uniquely bring you value that will have a positive impact on your bottom line”.  His guidance and positive PnL impacting approach for our partners and customers has lead to a set of software solutions for our customers yielding positive returns in areas most organizations simply consider expense and overhead.



Michael Antonietti

VP of Strategy and Financial Market Executive

Joe Cicchetto

CTO, Founder

Joe is a senior delivery executive with a track record of successful delivery programs across the fortune 500 landscape.  Prior to founding SalesCogs and Solution Cogs, Joe was a senior delivery leader for Adobe as well as started his own delivery and managed services firm.  Joe additionally ran the delivery and vendor management organization for one of our key partners, Akumina.

As Founder, CTO of SalesCogs and Solution Cogs, Joe saw an opportunity to take great technology from partners, such as Akumina and VizaData, and others, and create an enhanced delivery platform and team to have a bigger impact on the set of problems we can solve for our customers.  In addition to running the enhanced delivery organization to implement our partners solutions, Joe is also our lead technologist constantly looking for new technology to further our solution set and the extent and types of problems we can solve for our customer base and verticals.



Paul Reitano

VP of Delivery and Healthcare Market Executive